Using Social Media to Increase sales and create brand awareness

It will not matter on how great your posts are, when there is no one reading them. For example, those that have over 100 followers there is more than 40% more likely to reply not only from their own followers but also from non-followers. So have the goal to gain more followers for an effective advertising.

Ultimately, social media means that today’s companies require constant online monitoring and support, and that means more and more person-hours from their advertising agencies. It can be intimidating for smaller businesses, as constant monitoring, interacting, and data mining can come with a hefty price tag. However, the benefits of a well-managed social media presence far exceed the risks and cost. When fully integrated into all other marketing efforts, managed properly, and given some time to grow, the right social media presence is almost always one of the most cost-effective parts of any modern marketing plan.

To really master social media marketing, it’s important to have both books, instead of just one. The other book, “Fast Track to Commissions: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Online Profits,” discusses Cost Per Action (CPA) networks and how you can earn commissions online through these avenues. The system that Morrison has developed will guide you towards setting up your own online business. Keep in mind though, that it takes time, effort, and dedication for you to truly reap the rewards of social media marketing. No one has gotten rich overnight and even Morrison himself had to work for years before he achieved his status today.

Firstly, let's just dispel the myth that social media marketing does not lead to a direct increase in sales. Here are some examples to prove this: Sony announced in February that through Twitter they had earned an extra £1million in sales, Dell announced in June last year that their presence on Twitter accounted for $3 million dollars increase in sales. You might argue that these are two big companies and they already have a brand reputation. However, other smaller companies have also experienced increased sales through social media marketing. John Fluevog Boots & Shoes Ltd, a small shoe making company in Canada, reported a 40% increase in sales in 2009, the same year it started social media marketing, this was not by chance.